The Fondation Hopale is a benchmark healthcare provider, highly specialised in the treatment of neurological and osteo-articular conditions, disabilities, chronic conditions and learning and behavioural disorders.

It provides comprehensive and integrated solutions with services ranging from diagnosis, therapeutic education, medical and surgical treatment, rehabilitation/re-adaptation and integration (social, professional, family and academic).

The Fondation Hopale manages 13 institutions...

The group operates in 13 locations (6 healthcare institutions and 7 medical and social institutions) in Northern France (Nord Pas-de-Calais), with a concentration of activities on the Opal Coast (Berck-sur-mer) and on the outskirts of Lille.

The group is a "fully comprehensive" health care provider centred around medical-surgical, rehabilitation and medical-social activities. The Foundation has completely revamped its organisation which focuses on these 3 business sectors. It is now clearer and more efficient as there is greater complementarity between our activities and professions to provide our patients with fast, comprehensive and integrated solutions.

The challenges

More than ever, a population's health status affects a country economically as well as socially and financially.

The challenge is not only to improve the quality of care and services, but also to help improve the quality of life and the well-being of patients who are afflicted with chronic and disabling disorders, with a social dimension and ensuring they are encouraged to stay in work.

There are a great many challenges which consist of finding global solutions as an integrated response to the complex health situations encountered by citizens, with additional responses to demographic and epidemiological shifts.

The entire ecosystem of players must be coordinated and mobilised to meet socio-psychological care requirements as well as the adaptation of housing, transport and recreational activities, whilst providing overall financial sustainability.

The Fondation Hopale wants to be a benchmark institution in the care of musculoskeletal and neurological conditions and disabilities through an integrated, humanistic approach and through innovative and coordinated practices.

Making the WHO priorities our own

By integrated and people-centric health services, the WHO means "the management and provision of safe and high quality health services so that people receive a range of monitored services from promoting health and preventing disease to diagnoses, treatment and care of illness, as well as rehabilitation or palliative care, on various levels and in various health care settings within the health system."

It is to that end that the Fondation Hopale has developed its services and treatments and now offers a wide variety of integrated services devised, coordinated and concentrated on one single site, focusing on musculoskeletal and neurological conditions. The Fondation Hopale works in cooperation with all the internal and external players in the healthcare networks when planning and implementing its service provision programmes.

These services must be affordable, accessible, available and acceptable for the people they are intended for.

The WHO encourages countries to implement integrated, people-centric health services by supporting the development of policies, reform strategies, care quality standards and guidelines for different national framework conditions.

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