1. STEP 1 : Contact us
    Contact us using the online form (CONTACT FORM) or contact the International Coordinator at adrien.molin@fondation-hopale.org. Detail your requirements and, if possible, attach your medical record (medical reports, previous tests and images).

    You may be asked for additional information after reviewing your case. 
  2. STEP 2 : Questions and quote
    You will be sent an initial quote for the first teleconsultation. This initial quote is an estimate and will be amended following your first consultation. If you are happy to proceed, please sign it and state your agreement in principle (by email).

    Upon receipt of your agreement in principle, we will contact you and schedule a date for your first teleconsultation
    Admission will be scheduled according to the diagnosis made by the doctor.

    You will be sent a quote once the admission has been scheduled. Please sign the quote if you agree to the fees.
    Full payment by bank transfer or a Guarantee of Payment (GOP) from your insurance is due at least 4 days before your admission.

  3. STEP 3 : Pre-Admission
    To organize your hospital stay, certain administrative items are required. Please make sure you returned the following documents:

    - If you are not from an EU country and require a visa: Contact the appropriate authorities in your country to request a visa. The time needed to receive a visa varies between authorities.
    - Proof of full payment for the hospital stay as per the quote
    - Minors: the family booklet and consent to treatment signed by parents or guardians
    - Preadmission booklet with the consent forms and legal documents signed
    In case of surgical treatment, we will schedule a pre-anesthesia teleconsultation at least two weeks before admission. You will receive an invitation to attend the teleconsultation.

  4. STEP 4: Admission on D-1
    On your admission date, please make your way to the hospital. Admission will be scheduled the day before surgery. The following transport methods are available:

    Plane, train, ferry, Eurostar, Shuttle: for further information, see p22.
    You will be welcomed by the International Coordinator who will inform and guide you through the hospitalization process. You will meet your consultant and the anesthesiologist for pre-operative consultations, and medical imaging will be done if needed. Once in your room, the nurses will help you to get prepared for the surgery on the next day.

  5. STEP 5 : Hospitalization
    Treatment will be conducted as planned before your admission. Surgical treatments follow the ERAS principles.  After a spinal surgery or orthopedic surgery, a post-operative rehabilitation stay will be planned in the Centre J. Calvé.

  6. STEP 6 : Discharge
    Medical reports will be given in English, approved by your consultant. Medical prescriptions and instructions will be in English to ensure the adequate continuity of care. The International Coordinator will make sure everything is well organized for your return home.

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