1. STEP 1 : Contact us
    Contact us using the online form (CONTACT FORM). Detail your requirements and, if possible, attach your medical record (previous tests and images).
    If you're a patient who has been referred by the NHS, please notify it in the contact form.

  2. STEP 2 : questions and quote
    You may be asked for additional information after reviewing your case.
    You will be sent an initial quote (including consultation and admission). This initial quote is an estimate and will be amended following your first consultation (Except for NHS patients).
    If you are happy to proceed, please sign it and state your agreement in principle (by email).

  3. STEP 3 : Schedule your first consultation
    Upon receipt of your agreement in principle, we will contact you and schedule a date for your first consultation.

  4. STEP 4 : Bring administrative items
    Upon arrival, certain administrative items are required for your admission. Please bring the following documents:

    - If you are not from an EU country and require a visa: Contact the appropriate authorities in your country to request a visa. The time it takes to receive a visa varies between authorities.

    - ID card, residence permit or passport.

    - EU members who do not work in France require the S2 form (Except for NHS patients). The EHIC card is for emergency admissions only.

    - Non-EU members: proof of full payment for the hospital stay as per the quote.

    - Minors: the family booklet and consent to treatment signed by parents or guardians.

  5. STEP 5 : Attend the Institut Calot in Berck sur mer
    Your consultation will take place in our facility at the Fondation Hopale’s Institut Calot. The following transport methods are available:
    Plane, train, ferry, Eurostar, Shuttle: for further information: Logistics and transport

  6. STEP 6 : Sign in at admissions on arrival
    Upon arrival, please sign in at our admissions department. You will be asked for the documents listed in step 4.

  7. STEP 7 : Consultation & payment 
    Attend your consultation* (doctor, imaging, multidisciplinary team etc.). Admission may be scheduled based on the diagnosis given during consultation.
    *The consultation must be paid for on the day (Except for NHS patients).

  8. STEP 8: Quote and payment prior to admission
    You will be sent a quote once the admission date has been scheduled (Except for NHS patients). Please sign the quote if you agree to the fees.
    Payment by bank transfer for admission is due 48 hours before your admission date.

  9. STEP 9: Admission
    On your admission date, please make your way to the Institut Calot as you did for the consultation. The following transport methods are available:
    Plane, train, ferry, Eurostar, Shuttle: for further information: Logistics and transport 

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