The Calot Institute has just acquired an operating table which is unique in Europe, specifically for orthopaedic surgical procedures (bones, joints, nerves, muscles and tendons) on the lower limbs in particular. Dr. Bouxin, head of the surgery and anaesthesia department, presents this new piece of equipment in an article in 'La Voix du Nord'.


The Fondation Hopale now has the very latest in 3D diagnostic technology - the EOS scanner. This ultra-low dose technology provides a radiation dosage ten times less than that of a regular X-ray and 100 times less than that of a scanner.

A demonstration has been given at our Jacques Calvé Centre of an exoskeleton which lets multiple sclerosis sufferers walk again.

Professionals at the Fondation Hopale had the chance to attend an information and training day on shockwave therapy in February 2015. This rehabilitation technique will now be used in specialist rehabilitation programmes.

The spotlight was shone on the Fondation Hopale at the Montreal ISCOS conference in May this year (the largest paraplegic conference in the world) with its presentation of the very latest pressure sore prevention technique created by Dr. Fontet (plastic surgeon) and Dr. Prévinaire (PMR doctor) and their team: Martine Simon and Tanguy Ducrocq (occupational therapists).

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