The Fondation Hopale can recommend a variety of walks and hikes to enjoy along the Opal Coast, depending on the length of your stay. These destinations are close to our facilities. For further details about these outings, please ask at the tourist offices.

Berck (hospital town)

Berck Plage offers hours of walks and hikes across the dunes, along the beach and the seawall and around the Bay of Authie.

  • Mini-train ride: The train takes you to all the iconic sites such as the Esplanade, the Lighthouse, the Maritime Hospital, the Bay of Authie, Berck Old Town and the Rue de l'Impératrice. This tour departs from the Esplanade Parmentier.
  • Promenade Debeyre: Starting from the esplanade, the Promenade du docteur Debeyre is a 3 km long relaxing walk which takes you along the sweeping expanse of the beach at Berck sur Mer.



  • Bois Magnier Park: This beautiful green park is located between the beach and the town and is worth visiting for a walk beneath the centuries-old trees.
  • Dune hike: This path through the ribbon of dunes and beachgrass offers a superb view over the Bay of Authie.
  • Horse-riding with the Agora Riding Centre: Love to go for a gallop along the beach or amongst the dunes? The Agora Riding Centre offers rides for one or two hours organised by professionals.


Cucq (10km from the hospital)

Le Touquet Paris Plage, an exclusive town on the Opal Coast, can be reached by road as well as by the beach from Berck and offers plenty of breathtaking walks.This fascinating footpath starts in the town of Cucq, just 15 mins from Berck. It will let you explore the Natura 2000 nature protection area and reveals a variety of stunning views.
Touquet Paris Plage (15 km from the hospital)

Nature walks (the Canche estuary, forest and seaside) for discovering heritage. Le Touquet tourist office offers themed guided tours (please visit the website:


Montreuil sur mer (18 km from the hospital)

A historic city on the Opal Coast, made famous by Victor Hugo's "Les Misérables", Montreuil sur Mer offers plenty of cultural walks and reveals its heritage with its ramparts overlooking the town.


Cap gris nez / Cap blanc nez (74 km from the hospital)

You can make out the English coastline from here. Take several footpaths across the chalky Calais cliffs and enjoy the view of their opposite number over in England.


Mont St Frieux (22 km from the hospital)

The walk up Mont Saint Frieux is one of the most beautiful hikes on the Opal Coast.

Choose from 3 trails, 1.7 km, 3.2 km and 5.4 km long, which wind their way through the wildlife and finish at the top of Mont Saint Frieux at a height of 157 metres. From up there, you will have a breathtaking view of the Opal Coast.


Château d'Hardelot footpath (38 km from the hospital)

The Château d'Hardelot and its marsh is a must-see site on the Opal Coast. There are over 300 species of plants and almost a hundred species of birds in this nature reserve. The marsh pathways will lead you to the Château d'Hardelot where concerts, shows, workshops and lectures are regularly held.


The Marquenterre estate - ornithological park (24 km from the hospital)

The Marquenterre estate is a 250-hectare natural area composed of dunes and forests, perfect for a family outing and with nearly 300 birds to observe. This nature reserve is situated in the Somme Bay, with nature guides who will be delighted to introduce you to the wildlife.


Canche Bay (15 km from the hospital)

A variety of hiking trails in the Canche Bay nature reserve, for both beginners and the more experienced, will lead you through the beautiful scenery and wildlife of this magnificent natural location.

  • The Coastal GR or GR 120 long-distance footpaths
  • La Butte aux Signaux
  • Les Garennes de Lornel
  • La Plage des pauvres
  • La Boucle du Tadorne
  • Le Sentier des Molières

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